Ember Observer's Code Search

Ember Observer now has a code search. This feature makes it possible to search through all Ember addon codebases for a search term. Use cases, or »

New, easier ember-try config, for most addons

For those who don't know, ember-try provides the ability to run a command against various sets of dependencies. It is commonly used by Ember addons to »

Commit messages are a form of documentation

I recently experienced firsthand the frustration of poorly documented changes. While maintaining a legacy application with limited handoff from the previous developer, I found myself leaning »

Introducing "Continuous Ember Upgrades"

We just launched "Continuous Ember Upgrades," a service that lets you spend time building instead of upgrading. What does that mean? When using Ember there are »

Test smells: Accidental integration tests

One day while fixing a broken unit test I began to get a sense of déjà vu. I was in the middle of making a big »